Meet Chapter 46

​                            James Rucker

         Executive Vice President Chapter 46 Dallas
My names Is James Rucker, Executive Vice President Chapter 46 Dallas I worked and retired for the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Officer for 36 years, before retiring in December 2009. I enjoyed working for the Internal Revenue Service and being a union representative during my career as steward, steward at large, Assistant Chief Steward, and Chief Steward throughout that time.  I worked full time as a Field Revenue Officer in Dallas. After retiring, I stayed a union member with chapter 46 and just enjoyed the retired life for about 2 years.  I received a call for Mr. Fount Rowel, Vice President Chapter 46, asking if I would consider running for the office of Executive Vice President. After taking time to consider this request, I decided to run for the office and was elected by the members.  As of October 2013, I have been the Executive Vice President for Chapter 46 and really enjoying the opportunity and continued learning experience I get on a daily basis. I am very interested in providing as much training, knowledge, and knowhow for our stewards we have on our current steward list. As of October 2016, I was elected unopposed as the Executive Vice President Chapter 46 for 3 more years. I will do my best to continue to provide aggressive, direct, honest, and fair representation to all members of Chapter 46.

​                              David Hines

​          Treasurer

David Hines, Secretary/Treasurer, for NTEU Chapter 46 Dallas is a Revenue Agent in TE/GE. He has been a Steward in the TE/GE Division for more than 28 years. In his earlier years as a Steward, he assisted in the training of new Stewards and provided detailed procedures that were needed to become a well versed Steward. Other Positions held with Chapter 46 includes Executive Vice President and Assistant Chief Steward. David is a 1983 graduate of Grambling State University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. David began his career in February 1984 with the IRS in the old Office Branch. Upon the closure of Office Branch he transferred to the new ACS Branch. In February 1985 he received a position as a Revenue Agent in EP/EO (Employee Plans/Exempt Organization) which is now the TEGE Division of IRS.

  ​       President

         Candis Cardenas

I am Candis Cardenas, President of NTEU Chapter 46 servicing 12 posts of duty locations including the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I endeavor to represent our members with the utmost transparency and boldness, while continuing to develop our leadership, as well as encouraging active member participation in order to grow stronger.
You voted for action! The task of perfecting our union only moves forward with us collectively. Together, with your help, we can work for a more dignified working environment. It is my vision that the fundamental changes Chapter 46 continues to forego, will motivate you, our members, into taking a more active role in assisting chapter leaders, ensuring our contract is upheld-empowering us all. Individual commitment towards a collective effort will make this chapter an even greater success. It has been over16 years since I joined NTEU and became a chapter leader. I am just as committed as ever.  
I will continue to:

  • Ensure that members are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Encourage self-education and development of chapter leaders, stewards and members.
  • Ensure consistent effective communication with members and all other necessary duties to protect and advance the interests of the membership.

I am thankful to NTEU and the members of Chapter 46 for the opportunity to serve North Texas! I will continue my pledge to improving the work environment for all employees!
“Man has responsibility, not power. Stewardship is a way of living.”